August 3, 2012

Inside the Cavernous Radiator Springs Racers Loading Station

Radiator Springs Racers leave station
Cars head out into sunlight as the adventure begins
All journeys start with a single step -- or, in the case of Disney attractions, with a "remain seated" warning and a launch from a colorful boarding platform. Disneyland Resort's full of terrific loading stations; my favorites include the library of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the incredible Lafitte's Landing at Pirates of the Caribbean.

Radiator Springs Loading Station
At 7:00 A.M., all's quiet and calm as the queue awaits the day's first riders
My new top favorite is the fantastic loading zone at Radiator Springs Racers. Once you've made your way through the scenic queue, you arrive at the sprawling stone entry to Comfy Caverns Motor Court, serving as your start and end point for the adventure.

Radiator Springs Racers station platform loading
All the railings and lights have been intentionally "rusted" to appear decades old!
The place is a whirlwind of colorful sights and sounds. The smiling vehicles, each one unique, roll up to the eager guests. As Cast Members efficiently direct folks to the next available row, the cavern air echoes with the ride's sounds -- a mixture of the actual vehicle noises, enhanced "revving motor" sound effects, and Sheriff's seat belt advisories.

Radiator Springs Racers Loading Station wheelchair

To your left, cars return from the adventure. The ride begins and ends on a single track, splitting into two lanes for the outdoor race.

A side track leads to a customized load area for guests in wheelchairs.
As you step into your row, the excitement builds; these vehicles look amazing! Before you know it, the gate swings open and it's time to step into the car and strap on the seat belt. You have mere seconds to consider how comfortable the seats are before the engine revs, the car moves forward and Sheriff advises you to remain seated. The real fun's about to begin!
Radiator Springs Racers Station Loading
Not even the blurriness of this pic can hide the vehicles' charm!

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