August 25, 2012

A Bug's Land at Night

Bug's Land clover Flik's Disney California Adventure night
There's one area of Disney California Adventure I visit least: Flik's Fun Fair in A Bug's Land. Originally created to solve the early DCA's lack of attractions suitable for small children, it contains a handful of nicely-themed kiddy rides.

Most DCA visitors use Flik's Fun Fair for one purpose: it's a shortcut between Tower of Terror and Cars Land. Speaking of Cars Land, I often wonder if Flik's Fun Fair should be leveled to make room for more Cars adventures...perhaps a Finn McMissile coaster?

But then...I walk through the insect world at night...

Have you tried this? Stroll slowly through Fliks' Fun Fair after dark, when the place is more quiet. Listen to the sound of chirping crickets and stare up at the beautifully lit giant clovers and  grass blades towering overhead. It's amazing, beautiful and relaxing.

Then I think of Disneyland's Storybook Land, another beautiful area many adults ignore -- and one I love dearly. I'd hate to see its two wonderful rides (Casey Jr. and the Canal Boats) replaced.

A Bug's Land does contain some true Disney magic. Just remember, as you're hurrying between Radiator Springs and Hollywood Land, to stop for a moment as you enter the clover forest. Look up and enjoy.


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    1. I have to admit, it wasn't until my last visit that I took the time to stop and realize how beautiful that area is after dark!


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