August 15, 2012

The Castle's Flip-Side

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland back courtyard reverse
The courtyard side of Sleeping Beauty Castle doesn't get photographed nearly as much as its famous front. This view's "cozy and protective" vibe doesn't inspire as many shutter clicks as the grand entry across the drawbridge, but I think it looks fantastic.

How can any one spot stay so busy and yet feel so relaxed? Even with that huge line for Peter Pan's Flight seen here on the left and the parked strollers nearby (why do so many people take their babies on Snow White's SCARY Adventures?), the inner court itself maintains a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

I can't forget the unsung heroes of this shot: the trees. Most guests seem to take them for granted, but Disneyland's trees are the living, breathing soul of the park. They're part of Disneyland's unique style, and make the place feel like home to its many, many fans.

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