August 12, 2012

Sunday Signage: The Mad "T" Party

Mad T Party sign California Adventure
I don't fit the target age group for loud techno dance clubs, but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to DCA's Mad "T" Party. The experience begins with this amazing animated pocket watch -- one of the most mesmerizing entry signs I've ever seen. It serves as a vivid preview of the wild visuals and lighting effects awaiting down the neon rabbit hole.
Mad T Party Disney Adventure watch
What I found upon entering made me smile. Well done. For others like myself, who usually aren't into this sort of thing, I suggest treating "T" Party like a walk-through attraction, if you can handle the music volume. Enter down the rabbit hole and proceed on through, admiring the bizarre sights and sounds within. Then head on back to Cars Land for some great 60's Motown tunes and a milk shake at Flo's.

If you're looking for a loud, surreal dance club themed around a Blade-Runner twist on Alice in Wonderland, you couldn't ask for a more effective, colorful (and well-performed) realization of that very concept!

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