August 20, 2012

Hidden Treasures: Cars Land's Doc Hudson Museum

Cars Land Doc Hudson Museum Clinic
In Cars Land, most guests walk straight past the white exterior of the Ornament Vally Mechanical Clinic, never guessing there's anything to see inside.
Cars Land Museum Doc Hudson Flo's
This unassuming structure holds a delightful and low-key attraction: The Doc Hudson Museum. It serves double-duty as extra seating for Flo's V8 Cafe; we don't think Doc would mind.
Cars Land Doc Hudson Museum
I'd like a subscription to the Daily Exhaust
The museum's divided into two sections: one celebrating Doc's glorious and all-too-brief racing career, and one devoted to his medical practice, which provides lots of smiles to the eagle-eyed.

Cars Land Hudson props cafe museum
For instance, here's a first aid kit with bumper splints, a jar of screws and the world's largest tongue depressors.
Cars Land Doc eye chart Hudson museum
Here's a car eye chart. It's enormous. I particularly like lines 6 and 7.
Cars Land Doc props cafe museum
All of these tools of the Doc's trade are positioned over the dining tables, so I do suggest checking out the museum between the meal rushes. There's much more to see than can fit in one post, but I'll end with one of my favorites. It's Doc's business license.
Cars Land Doc Hudson license
There's been some debate among fans about exactly which state Radiator Springs is in. I think we just got our answer!

To enter the Doc Hudson Museum at Cars Land, enter through Flo's V8 Cafe and head for the right-hand corridor to the adjacent dining area.


  1. These are exactly the kind of details I would enjoy if/when I visit Carsland. I do love that eye chart... I wonder if it will make a suitable replacement for visiting my eye doctor. ;)

    1. I wish they sold the eye chart in the shops! :)


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