August 6, 2012

Cozy Cone Souvenir Cups

Cozy Cone Souvenir Cups Cars Land
They're crazy, they're wacky, they're very, very, orange and they keep selling out in Cars Land -- They're the Cozy Cone Souvenir Drink Cups!

We finally caught them in stock on a recent visit, and here they are in all their conical glory! They're available in two sizes; these are the large versions.

There's only one crack in this stupendous sipper's pavement: you cannot get them filled with one of the amazing "specialty" Cozy Cone drinks. You must choose a "standard" drink. Yes, when you get to the window, you must decide what's most important -- a delicious Doc's Grape Tonic in a normal cup or a Coke in Cone. Well, you can see which drink won out for this round, but I am not missing out on a Grape Tonic or Apple Freeze on my next trip!


  1. I'm planning several posts on my blog about Cars Land over the next few weeks, and one will be about foodstuffs and such from the Cozy Cone. I had to try a specialty popcorn flavor (they had dill), and that Chili Cone Carne.

    I almost got the small, but felt, 'hey, I'm on vacation,' and went for the large (and besides, they were all out of the 4-colored die-cast Radiator Springs Racers toys).

    One downside of the cone, is that I thought it'd be a tight screw-on top, not just a pop-into-place thing. I had to contend with some Coke leaking out the sides, and found myself washing my hands 5-7 times as I walked around and sipped until 'World of Color' started.

  2. I bought the large version for the exact same reason -- maybe "hey, I'm on vacation" should be the official name for that size! :) I drank mine too fast to experience any escaping cola, but -- yeah -- screw-on tops would be nice.

    Those die-cast vehicles sold out amazingly quickly. On my first visit, they were everywhere. A couple of weeks later -- gone! I'm still missing two of the colors.

    Looking forward to reading your posts on Cars Land; your article on the recent Destination D is fantastic!


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