July 24, 2013

In Every Park, One Ride Has To Be The Worst

Jumpin' Jellyfish DCA Disney California Adventure worst ride
I hate to bad-mouth such a jolly-looking ride, but Jumpin' Jellyfish takes top spot on our short list of things we'd (still) love to see replaced at DCA.

It has an identity crisis. It's basically a children's ride that looks too intimidating for many kids to want to ride alone. For adults, it's not worth any kind of wait in line. It goes gently up, it comes gently down. You get a nice view for a few moments, and wonder is this all it does? Yes, that's all it does.

The kicker, though, is the seat design. See, there's this knob on each seat that fits between the rider's legs. The seats come to rest inconveniently high off the ground, so you have to do a backwards hop to get aboard. If you happen to be male, and miss the mark slightly...you might find yourself turning green and doubling over before the ride even begins. Fun times.

One of the last untouched holdovers from DCA's opening day, Jumpin' Jellyfish simply takes up too much valuable waterfront space. The same might also be said of its neighbor, Golden Zephyr, but the Zephyr's actually fun to ride. Jumpin' Jellyfish, on the other hand, is the one attraction at DCA I wouldn't recommend to anyone unless there's absolutely no wait--and even then, watch out for those seats!

Photo by Lana Whitham

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