July 15, 2013

DCA's Rushin' River Outfitters

Rushin River Outfitters DCA Disney California Adventure shop
Located near the Grizzly River Run whitewater ride, Rushin' River Outfitters has always been one of DCA's most enjoyable shops. Its name is a twist on Northern California's Russian River (DCA's original designers certainly loved puns), its decor can be described as mountain-highway-truckstop-town-chainsaw-sculpture-classic, and its merchandise is generally worth a gander.
Rushin River Outfitters DCA Disney California Adventure shop
I love the interior of this shop. Despite the intentionally cluttered look of the props hanging about, the place has an open, airy atmosphere that's cozy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer.

And, just so you don't miss it, let's zoom in on that little sign up there...
Rushin River Outfitters DCA Disney California toboggan
A pause to groan. Bonus wordplay down on the lower right! I do admire the clever use of fake merchandise as shelves for the actual merchandise; They've almost got a little WDW Blizzard Beach West vibe going here.

For clothing and coffee mugs with a Disney-Goes-Pacific-Northwest theme (as well as Grizzly River Run souvenirs), Rushin' River Outfitters offers a relaxed and comfortable shopping option with a focused, well-chosen inventory. As a bonus, it's right by the gate to the Grand Californian Hotel, making it extra convenient for the hotel's guests (and Paradise Pier Hotel guests using the gate as a shortcut).

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