July 12, 2013

Flik's Flyers in A Bug's Land

Flik's Flyers ride DCA Disney Bug's Land take-out box California
DCA features several great ways to fly, carrying guests skyward on everything from virtual hang-gliders to the nerve-jangling swinging gondolas of Mickey's Fun Wheel. For pure strangeness and wonderment, though, I can't pick a more delightful DCA aircraft than the airborne juice boxes and take-out containers of Flik's Flyers.

As with Dumbo and The Mad Tea Party, here's another case of incredible theming transforming a basic carnival ride into something amazing. Although A Bug's Land is aimed toward families with small children, this ride manages to catch the attention of many an adult party heading through en route to Cars Land. Seriously, who wouldn't want to cruise the heavens in an egg roll box?

Photo by Lana Whitham

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