June 12, 2013

Classic Mickey in Both Parks

Mickey Mouse Main Street Cinema poster Disneyland art entry
Mickey's been drawn, sculpted and digitized in many different styles over the decades, but my favorite versions of Walt's superstar graced the studio's early years. Here's a shot of the terrific old-fashioned promo art beckoning guests into the Main Street Cinema at Disneyland.

Meanwhile, across the Esplanade...
Mickey Mouse poster Disney California Adventure DCA Swings
This cheerful poster enlivens the base of  DCA's Silly Symphony Swings. This may be my favorite bit of Mouse art ever. I know Mickey's not the tallest character on Earth, but--man, those are big seals.

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  1. Those seals look so friendly. Is there that cartoon where Mickey brings a seal home? Or am I confusing that storyline? haha


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