September 27, 2012

WDW 1993: Splash Mountain Signage & Statues

Wanted Poster Splash Mountain Mtn. Disney World
We're temporarily moving from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom for this bit of our 1993 tour, to check out a few wonderful exterior details around Splash Mountain. All these elements are still present in 2012, but fans may be able to spot the differences between then and now.
Statue Splash Mountain Mtn Brer Disney World
Here's the statue of Brer Fox, Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit as it appeared in '93, with a natural-looking finish.
Signpost Sign Post Brer Rabbit Disney World
And Brer Rabbit looks for adventure atop one of the best signposts on earth.

We've discussed before which resort's Splash Mountain we find superior (Spoiler: It's WDW's). More focused storytelling was one factor that swung the vote.

I wish we'd spent more time in the Magic Kingdom back in '93. In our defense, though, this group of Disneyland regulars just couldn't stay away from Epcot for more than half a day!

More from 1993 WDW soon!


  1. I like that your crowd couldn't stay out of Epcot. You know, I don't think I've ever seen that statue. I must look next time :)

    1. We fell so in love with Epcot, it kind of threw our original touring plans out the window, and we ended up there all four days at some point. :)

  2. How many of the Brer Rabbit signposts are there? I know there's another one where Brer Rabbit is standing on top of a bunch of stacked furniture...


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