September 7, 2012

Dapper Dans Make Beautiful Music With...Those Things

Disneyland Dapper Dans Deagan Organ Chimes
In honor of Dapper Day (last night at Disneyland, tonight at Walt Disney World), let's spend a moment with Disneyland's witty and energetic barbershop quartet, The Dapper Dans! We've arrived just as they've broken out those...those cool-sounding chiming instrument thingies. (Checks Google). Ah! Deagan Organ Chimes!

Could anything feel more wonderfully "Main Street" than watching these terrific singers? How about watching them sing "It's a Small World?" How about watching them sing "It's a Small World" while doing the robot and playing the Deagan Organ Chimes?

And now I wish Disneyland actually sold Deagan Organ Chimes, with a first lesson provided by the Dapper Dans. I can picture families and fan groups really getting into the idea -- imagine the musical possibilities for next year's Dapper Day!

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