September 14, 2013

Infinity's Soundtrack Includes Peter Pan's Flight, Toontown and Condorman

Disney Infinity Boombox Mike Abu Elephant Luigi Castle game
Abu, Mike and Luigi enjoy some classic Danny Elfman
The creators of Disney Infinity recognized the importance of having their game sound like a Disney universe as well as look the part. Players encounter an eclectic and colorful soundscape ranging from the light-hearted jazz of Monsters University to the pulsing electronic beats of Tron. One particular game item enables the option to select the background music.

The Radio Disney Boombox is a vault item every player should try to unlock as soon as possible for use in the world-building Toybox mode. Thankfully, what you hear is not taken from today's real-life Radio Disney, but from the company's films, theme parks and one certain show with a platypus. The selections include:

"Steamboat Willie" - The track fom Mickey's Toontown (listed simply as "Mickey Mouse")
"Peter Pan's Flight" - The queue medley from Disneyland
"Cinderella's Castle" - Music from Cinderella's movie score.
"Alice in Wonderland"- Loops the trial, chase, final scene and closing credits song.
"Nightmare Before Christmas" - The film's closing credit music.
"The Incredibles" - Features "Saving Metroville" from the film score.
"Jessie" - The Toy Story character's western theme.
"Condorman" - Henry Mancini's theme song for Disney's campy, legendary flop.
"Phineas and Ferb" - A remix of "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" plus an instrumental of "Ain't Got Rhythm."
"Finding Nemo" -Plays the "Wow" opening score from the film.
"Tangled" -  A pop instrumental of "Something that I Want."
"Emperor Zurg" - From Toy Story 2
"Sugar Rush" and "Suger Rush Showdown" from Wreck-It Ralph.
"Recognizer" and "Derezzed" from Tron: Legacy.
"Wall-E"- Music from the score. 
"Frankenweenie" - The "Re-Animation" track.

The boombox doesn't include all the game's music: Other tracks are triggered when a particular item is activated, and many are exclusive to the character adventures. Overall, it adds up to a soundtrack as diverse and entertaining as Infinity's anything-goes gameplay.

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  1. Great, another reason for me to buy the game. :) We tried it out at Innoventions and I foresee myself addicted to this game soon.


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