February 22, 2014

How MagicBands Unlock Disney Infinity's Hidden Dragon

Attention Walt Disney World vacationers: Don't throw away those MagicBands! You or a game-loving friend can use them to unlock a world of Dragons hidden within Disney's popular videogame universe.
Disney Infinity remains one of the most creative and joyful games my family and I have ever played. It's made Disney's accountants happy, too.

When the game debuted, featuring such park icons as Spaceship Earth, the Matterhorn, Parking Lot Trams and flying Dumbos, many fans wondered if the actual, physical parks would ever play a role in providing exclusive content. It didn't take long to find out: WDW's MagicBands unlock Infinity's hidden world--one based around the New Fantasyland Dragon that graced Orlando skies for a press event a while back.
With no Florida trip in my immediate future, this West-Coaster faced a Dragon-less Infinity until Melissa Sue at Mouse on the Mind came to my rescue by sending me a MagicBand! It can't be said enough: Disney fans are the nicest people on the planet. Thanks, Melissa!!!!

If you're still wondering what the heck Disney Infinity actually is, please check out our review. In a nutshell, however, it's amazing. It excels at three particular things: 1) Encouraging creativity 2) Pouring on the Disney charm 3) Emptying your wallet, but giving you your money's worth -- much like a Disney vacation.

So, if you have a MagicBand, the game and a figure ready to go (today's guest star: Sorcerer Mickey!) here's how you go about finding that elusive dragon:

1) Start a game session and choose any Toybox world.

2) Place the Magic Band on the Infinity Base's Player Two zone. The game will instantly announce you've unlocked the Dragon Gate. Save your game. At this point, you can remove the Magic Band from the base: It's done its job and the game will remember you've unlocked the gate.

Now choose the Dragon Gate from your inventory and place it in the world. This triggers the arrival of three more bonuses contained in floating green prize capsules.
The first appears quickly; Grab a helicopter or Dumbo and fly up to open it.

The game announces your prize.
The Dragon Gate itself is a hoot: It's a "backstage" area full of discarded props .

While waiting for the next two capsules (it could take a half hour), engage in some typical Infinity hijinks, such as...
Meeting locals....
Shrinking horses...
And discovering new plant life.

Soon you'll obtain the capsules containing The Dragon Sky and a set of new dragon world-themed textures and landscapes to apply to any of your creations.

Here's what they (and that elusive dragon) look like:
Dragon's Keep is one of the game's better pre-built toyboxes, featuring streams, craggy peaks, bridges, mine tunnels and a couple of huge, barren zones for building on. It's a superb location for creating a paintball tournament or treasure hunt game.
The new scenery and surface textures are terrific. Like other Infinity elements, it has a stylized, hand-crafted look to it.
The Dragon Skydome is beautiful and includes an adventurous music score. And here, at last, you find that pesky dragon, circling your world and occasionally unleashing a barrage of fireballs, which can be heard everywhere.
 Most attacks strike the distant rolling foothills, but every now and then one will come sizzling across your path, way too close for comfort. Fun stuff!
Well, it's time to give Max back to Rapunzel and call it a day, but I hope this little tour helps out future dragon hunters. If you have any questions about Disney Infinity, don't hesitate to ask. And be sure to  visit Mouse on the Mind, site of the person who made today's post possible! Thanks again, Melissa Sue!

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