February 25, 2014

Disney Teams Up With iTunes for Early Frozen Release and Disney Movies Everywhere

Frozen is now available for purchase and download on iTunes, two weeks ahead of its release on DVD and Blu-ray. Disney chose this day to also announce the arrival of their new Disney App, Disney Movies Everywhere. The app allows movie fans to purchase Disney films on iTunes, plus register qualifying films for instant streaming across multiple devices.

The idea is for fans to be able to access their entire library of purchased Disney films at any time and stream them to the computer, iPhone or iPad of their choice -- Sort of like a personal Netflix service, but free and composed solely of purchased content. As an incentive, Disney is offering The Incredibles as a free gift for signing up.

One can only hope that this eventually leads to a true opening of the Disney vault. If those thousands of hours of classic Disney films and television episodes that haven't seen the light of day in decades can finally be purchased and accessed, this would be a fan's dream come true.

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