January 24, 2013

More Park Music on iTunes: Pirates, Mansion & Wishes

Disney iTunes park music Pirates Haunted Mansion Wishes
I don't know which person to thank at Disney for being smart enough to flip the switch, open the vault, turn the valve or whatever happened...but three more great park albums have recently become available on iTunes and Amazon MP3: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion and Wishes.

If you haven't picked these albums up yet, now's a great time. They each cost $7.99. What you get for that money varies greatly between the three soundtracks. Here's a run-down:

Pirates offers the biggest bang for the buck, as it includes all 25 tracks from the Park CD. If you've never heard this amazing album, it basically gives you a wonderfully produced ride-through of the entire attraction (in its pre-Jack Sparrow days), then presents just about every single individual music track and vocal performance in its entirety.  This is one of the best park-related albums of all time.

Haunted Mansion does not include many of the bonus tracks found on previous editions of this soundtrack (such as the radio ads or the Paul Frees recording sessions), but its seven tracks do include a full ride-through, five well-chosen music spotlights, and a Phantom Manor suite.

Wishes is (naturally) the shortest, running-time wise, but the charming Magic Kingdom show is definitely worth the price.

Things are beginning to get interesting at iTunes, Disney-wise! We'll keep our fingers crossed, hoping more might soon follow.

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  1. Wishes is SUCH a good one. I love to listen to that on my iPod during my commute... ya know when I used to listen to my iPod. Sigh.


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